Sketchbook Bundle

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Build an awesome habit around your sketchbook/journal with ideas and tips from this bundle. Great for ages 10+ through teens and even adults!

Creating a routine and engaging with a sketchbook/journal is one of the most important (and simple) things an artist can do to grow, challenge themselves, and get more insight into where they want to go. This bundle packs a punch and helps you get inspired, or inspire someone else in their journey to become a better artist.

  • Video: Illustrator's favorite supplies with sketching demo
  • PDF: Ideas to kickstart your sketchbook & journaling habit for better results, plus recommended supplies list
  • PDF: Peek inside an artist's sketchbook/journal and check out some cool artwork!
  • 1 Video, 2 PDFs

  • 1 Video, 2 PDFs
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Sketchbook Bundle

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